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Christopher Royalty

Christopher Royalty

"As a father of 3 early in his career, the decision to become self-employed was not one I took lightly. Stephen's counsel and friendship was definitely what I needed to give me the confidence to give it a go and I know he has my back completely. Stephen's network and experience is as broad as one could hope for. He has never hesitated to listen to my personal and business hurdles and then work with me to address them and accomplish my objectives."

Tony Urzi

Tony Urzi

"For anyone wanting to reach new levels and goals in their life, I can’t recommend Stephen Heiner and TLYW highly enough. He has incredible insight and an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of an issue while helping you to arrive at your best solution. The money I spent on coaching with Stephen was truly one of the best investments in my future that began to produce a return even before we finished our coaching. If you retain Stephen for personal coaching, you will tell yourself the same thing I did....I wish I would have met him a long time ago!"

Felicia Romano

Felicia Romano

"Stephen is my encyclopedia of knowledge for nearly every aspect of life. Every hour spent talking to Stephen about anything from career/life direction advice to more personal issues not only blows my mind, but often leaves me with a to-do list of actionable, feasible steps I can immediately start implementing to move closer to my ideal. I have never met a more intelligent and open-minded individual who also has a great sense of humor. He has a gift for lifestyle design. A small investment in an hour of his time will likely pay off tenfold for your life or business."

Louise Croft

Louise Croft

"I did a ten week coaching programme with Stephen and I can honestly say it changed my life. I consider myself a high achiever and most people would say that from the outside my life was “perfect”. However, Stephen helped me assess my “why” and look at the life choices I was making - I have now massively recalibrated and feel confident I’ve found a much happier balance. I found coaching with Stephen both empowering and motivating, whilst also being thought-provoking and self-reflective. I’ve already recommended him highly to my close friends and family and will do the same to anyone who wants to know how to get the most out of their life and find true happiness!"

David N. Ford

David N. Ford

"Stephen Heiner, a man with unusual life acumen, has a fantastic ability to see the forest for the trees.
Whether it’s about life or business, he will point you in the right direction and speak to you at your level."

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston

"I've had the privilege of working with with Stephen in a variety of environments and have been impressed each and every time. Stephen questions every assumption and is doing so has created an incredibly effective and envious life.

He's a great facilitator and has an impressive ability to bring people together for a meaningful change. When sharing advice or experience he is extremely articulate and someone well worth listening to."

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How We Can Help

How What I Didn’t Know Helped Me

Stephen sits down with Joyce Layman and discusses the differences between building businesses in Europe and the United States, and how his changes in mindset led to a better life. Listen here

Do You Need a Life Coach?

YouTuber and entrepreneur Louis Croft explains why coaching with Stephen has helped her assess her “why”, and brought her work/life balance to the next level. Watch here

Finding Balance Moving To Paris as a Writer

Stephen and fellow digital nomad Dan Johnston discuss the importance of routine and schedule, as well as Stephen’s choice to live in his dream city. Listen here

Video Courses

How To Start a Business

Are you serious about taking your idea or product to the next level by creating a business?  In this course Stephen shares nuts and bolts – everything from incorporation and bookkeeping, to marketing and branding, to partners and financing. Learn more here

Intelligent Travel Tips

Want to take an extended trip but don’t know where to start? Stephen bottled his experience traveling to 48 US states and over 60 countries and built a course that will help you travel more inexpensively, more comfortable, and with more cultural fluency. Learn more here

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Stephen Heiner

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Stephen is a serial entrepreneur living in his dream city, Paris. He has a passion for helping people change their lives.

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